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Cocoa Products
Highest quality of cocoa products from the best selection of cocoa bean originated from Indonesia, Malaysia, and famous African bean. 
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We are a manufacturing and exporting company in Indonesia, specialising in coconut, palm and cocoa based products

We have been serving the market since 1982.

We supply to confectionery, food and cosmetics industries, and related traders / brokers to five continents in the world. More Info

Palm Oil Products
We supply both Palm Oil (Non Lauric) and Palm Kernel Oil (Lauric) based products for food industries, Confectioneries / Ice cream industry, Cosmetic Industry, and Chemical Industry.
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Cocoa Butter Substitute / CBS
High Quality Cocoa Butter Substitute produced in a fully integrated facility with state of the art technology.
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Desiccated Coconut And Coconut Oil
From a natural and fresh raw material of Indonesian and Malaysian coconut, we are supplying Coconut Oils, and Desiccated Coconut.
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Non Dairy Creamer
Non dairy creamer or coffee whitener is an increasingly important ingredient used to replace milk powder in white coffee or tea, beverages, and other food preparation. More Info
Milk Powder-R
Milk Powder R is outstandingly resembles original milk fat in terms of flavour, appearance and peformance. It is completely water soluble, and perfectly applicable for confectioneries, bakery, food, and ice cream industry.. More Info

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Palm Oil Production - Coconut Product
Coconut Milk Powder
This Coconut Cream Powder is hygienically prepared from fresh coconut cream. Ideal for all your curries, desserts, cocktails, confectionery; filling for waffles, doughnuts, puddings; flavor for ice cream and yogurt. More Info

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